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4 Fall Garnishes To Up Your Cocktail Game

1. Pear Slice

Buy a few pears and slice them up thin for a beautiful garnish; but beware, these suckers float, so be sure to add ice to your glass.

2. Apple Fan

Cut a few apples, fan them out, and secure with a toothpick, pro tip: buy small apples so they don't overwhelm your cocktail glass.

3. Star Anise

Whole star anise can be found at most grocery stores, I buy the Badia brand. It is the simplest way to elevate a cocktail. To see it really pop, place on top of a frothy drink like an amoretto or pisco sour.

4. Cinnamon Stick

While you are in the spice aisle looking for star anise, pick up some cinnamon sticks- not only does it make a stunning garnish, it doubles as a swizzle stick.

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