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Hey Y'all, I'm Carlee

I fell in love with New Orleans on a film trip my senior year of high school. Our high school partnered with an art studio to find the joie de vivre “joy of life” in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A task that felt effortless in a city whose spirit cannot be crushed. I knew at 17 New Orleans would be a second home of sorts and boy was I right. The last 16 years New Orleans has played host to many holidays, celebrations, and pivotal moments.
When it came time to name the business I knew the name had to match the vibrancy of the Crescent City. For those unfamiliar, a Second Line is a like a moving block party complete with dancing, brass instruments, and snazzy outfits. While the main line is for the parade leaders, band, and honorees; the second line is for the community, everyone is allowed in the celebration.
My dream is for Second Line Sips is to be just as joyous and community focused as our namesake! 

an Educator Turned Entrepreneur

I was a school counselor for 8.5 years and always dreamed of having my own business.  My brother has a food truck in Charleston and he encouraged me to start my own mobile business. I found the rusty horse trailer in January 2022 and DIY’d the whole thing (with a lot of help from family and friends). I have a huge heart for community and celebration and the event industry allows me to be in the center of both.

Fueled by Iced Coffee, Taylor Swift, and Tiny Details

On a personal note: I am 100% the girl you call for anything spontaneous, I like to say "yes" and keep life as fun as possible. That is one reason I'm so in love with this industry, there is always a way to make things extra special and extra fun. Off the clock you will find me racing to Charleston to visit family and the beach, exploring different Charlotte neighborhoods and cheering on the Panthers.  I have a crazy goal of running a half marathon in every state so its possible you'll spot me jogging on the greenway-- I am currently on state 15 and my favorite part about racing is the friendship and food! 


I'd love to know what you are celebrating, let's chat and see how Second Line Sips can help!


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